Los Angeles Urban League Job Board

Inspired by Recruitpress, a job board made with WordPress and a couple of packaged plugins, I’ve just deployed a job board for the Los Angeles Urban League. Basically, I’ve replaced the Secure Form Mailer Plugin For WordPress, used to apply for this job section of each job post, with the cforms plugin, which I felt was a bit more customizable.

Blogging Scholarships

Collegescholarships.org is offering a $10,000 scholarship for college bloggers. Like almost everything I see nowadays, I wonder why they didn’t have this when I was in college and was still writing Calstuff (via Read/WriteWeb).

Metroblogging Azeroth

Metroblogging Azeroth: The town world (thanks Tony) of Azeroth in the game World of Warcraft has more than 5 million people in it, which would make it the 28th most populous city in the world and . There’s also a lot interesting stuff going on there, so why not have a blog about it. (via Boing Boing)

WordPress Widgets for Self-hosted WordPress Blogs

Automattic » WordPress Widgets– Making it a lot easier to edit the sidebar (and possibly more) of your WordPress blog. Supports RSS, so you can already do a lot. It’s already a function of WordPress.com. (via Andy Skelton)

Free AP Classes over the Internet

Monterey Institute for Technology & Education AP Courses: Students can take interactive lessons to prepare students for AP classes. They’ve got Physics, Environmental Science, and US History, among other topics. Sure wish I had this in high school.