My Photos of Napa and Sergey featured

Even though I’m not a professional photographer, a couple of my photos were used in a couple of publications recently:

Wine tasting in Napa

So last Friday, August 4th, I went to the Napa Valley for the first time. Napa, in case you didn’t know, is know for its incredible wine vineyards. I went to three different wineries: Mumm, Copia (though it’s not really winery; it’s described as a discovery center), and Ceja. It was a work related event with the ESL Program at Berkeley. I’m finally old enough to go (despite what my outer appearance would suggest), though I never particularly cared for wine too much (or anything grape-flavored that wasn’t actually a grape). I must say it felt like one of the more “grown-up” things I’ve done. Nevertheless I had a lot of fun on this trip.

Mumm is a neat place, because it is one of the few wine tours that actually shows you how they make wine (at least that’s what the tour guide said).