About the Site

Purpose, Content, and Inspiration
This site was inspired by a number of bloggers, namely Jason Kottke. Like him, I discuss the projects I work on, thoughts on technology, some personal elements of my life (in short bursts or in longer pieces), along with reviewing movies I watch and books I read.

Note: Any opinions expressed on this site are my personal opinions, and not necessarily shared by my employer.

Building this site
I have built this site with WordPress, an open source blogging system that runs on the PHP scritping language and the MySQL database engine. I chose WordPress over making a CMS or using another one, mainly because its open source and has a variety of free themes and plugins.

Some WordPress Plugins Used on this blog

Recommended Themes
Other themes I have used in the past include Carrington, Cutline, Hemingway, and Thirty Ten.  I’ve also used the ThematicK2Sandbox, and Responsive themes for other projects as well.

This site is hosted by Dreamhost, a good, inexpensive web host. (Note: Signup with the link above and I receive a small commission)

All product and media reviews are my own opinions, unless stated otherwise. I am a member of Amazon Affiliates and as such all links to Amazon will earn me a portion of the sales if you my link.

This site has some advertising powered by Google Adsense and links to products sold through Amazon Affiliates.

Unless otherwise stated, all content on this blog is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which means you are free to take content from me and use it in any way you want (without fees), so long as I have a credit. As Lawrence Lessig said, “creativity builds on the past” and our current copyright system doesn’t allow that. By doing this, I can hopefully help with future creative efforts.