Blogging Scholarships is offering a $10,000 scholarship for college bloggers. Like almost everything I see nowadays, I wonder why they didn’t have this when I was in college and was still writing Calstuff (via Read/WriteWeb).

How to become a blogger in college

Advice on how to become a blogger in college from Wired:

Spend less time on coursework, because unless you’re going to graduate school, your grades don’t matter. And you don’t need to go to grad school to be a journalist. This route will leave more time for you to start blogging in college and jump into the work world with a strong following already established (plus a public record that you can write and report the news).

Sounds about right.

Free AP Classes over the Internet

Monterey Institute for Technology & Education AP Courses: Students can take interactive lessons to prepare students for AP classes. They’ve got Physics, Environmental Science, and US History, among other topics. Sure wish I had this in high school.

You have $1. How should you spend it to do the most good?

Bang for Your Buck – You have $1. How should you spend it to do the most good?– Examining which causes to give to in an economist point of view. Good: paying tuition to inner city kids for private school, investing in the third world. Bad: giving to churches and schools themselves.