My Betterworks-Yelp Reviews Script

Betterworks with yelp links

My company got signed up for the Betterworks perks program a few months back.  Betterworks pays employees of their customers (my employer in this case) $50 a month to spend on food takeout, messages, car washes, and other fun activities.  However, I was having a hard time finding figuring out the quality of the service from their listings, so I would search for reviews on Yelp.  While that was easy enough on its own, I found a script that added a Yelp review search link to and thought to myself, why not use this for Betterworks?  So I modded the script for my own use, and now I have one button search Yelp for business reviews from Betterworks.  Kind of neat.  Install with Greasemonkey for Firefox and then click on the script link; Chrome users need Tampermonkey (Update: Tampermonkey is no longer needed thanks to code from Erik Vold).  Source code is on Github.


Automatic FTP uploads and downloads using BAT scripts

How to automate FTP uploads from the Windows Command Line – This BAT script uses the FTP command in the command line and automating the actions into a script. The script can then be paired with other processes (like Scheduled Tasks) to create an automated FTP process.