Guides to Becoming a Superhero

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Gizmodo has a nice gadget guide to becoming a superhero. Namely, an exoskelton, hearing aids, a grapple gun, and a car equipped with a Tesla coil.

Forbes also had an article on being Batman for about $3,365,449. And if you want more elaborate details, there’s The Batman Handbook: The Ultimate Training Manual.

Superman Returns

In Superman Returns, Bryan Singer tried very hard to recreate much of the classic look and feel of the earlier Superman movies. Singer succeeds quite well in doing this right from the opening credits. His casting of Brandon Routh as the Man of Steel was surely meant to remind people of the late Christopher Reeve in his look and mannerisms (he even kind of sounds like him too). The movie started off quite well in my opinion, with great effects and a great exploration of the characters in the Superman universe (with of course the cameos of some of the older stars of the Adventures of Superman). That and Kevin Spacey’s diabolical Lex Luthor proves to be quite the challenge for our hero. However, the film starts dropping off in quality near the end. The end seems to leave open too many questions for the sequel and reduce the movie to some unnecessarily sappy moments. So while Superman Returns wasn’t exactly a new interpretation of DC Comics’s flagship character, that maybe a good thing.