I was on the Fox 11 News in LA

Well, barely. I’m in a background shot at work at the Rubicon Project, where the CEO, Frank Addante, talked about starting the company in LA. It’s at the end of the video which I have embedded below (which also features the founders of Riot Games).

Living the Dream: Riot Games & Rubicon Project: MyFoxLA.com

Arrested Development Season 2

It’s hard for me to say which seasons of Arrested Development are my favorite, as there were only 3 of them (see also some thoughts on Season 3). However, I do have a soft spot for Season 2, as it is probably the season that got me into the show in the first place. Season 2 had established even more of the recurring jokes, such as the family chicken dances. It had some great guest stars-Ben Stiller, Dan Castellaneta, and the returning Julia Louis Dreyfus- to mix with the cast and the recurring guest stars such as Henry Winkler and Judy Greer. It’s one wacky show that was only too short.

Like my previous post on Season 3, I’ll be picking one great quote from each episode (thanks to the OP fansite for the quotes)
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What Colbert was Making Fun Off- The Morning News Edition

This week Stephen Colbert made fun off the morning shows like Good Morning America and the Today Show for their coverage of his interview with Robert Wexler where they joked that Wexler enjoyed cocaine and prostitutes. Here’s a link to the Today show clip.

The 4400 Season 1

A good show, but not a spectacular one. It’s rather predictable and simple in terms of plot, and the characters are rather ordinary. There are only five episodes in all, and there are no extras or even scene selections in these DVDs. Download the episodes instead.

My tribute to Arrested Development

[amazon-product]B000EXDS7K[/amazon-product]So the best comedy on TV just got canceled. I’m talking about Arrested Development, a throughly intelligent and clever comedy. It also happens to be incredibly dirty, self-referential, and quite possibly characters that are too out there for some people, but all of it make it just incredibly funny.

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You Should Watch the Super Bowl Like It’s Your Job

ABC News: You Should Watch the Super Bowl Like It’s Your Job– “Smart, savvy business people pride themselves on keeping up with current events, politics and celebrity gossip so they always have interesting tidbits to contribute to small talk at meetings, parties and social outings. They know that idle chitchat is awfully valuable in building professional relationships because it allows people to connect on a relaxed and personal level.” (via Micropersuasion)