Facebook has a pulse

Facebook now does something with the interest data, aggregating it into a Pulse Feature. Fun facts:

  • 33% of Berkeley students prefer The Beatles to Green Day.
  • 18% of male students have moderate political views.
  • 17% of male students are looking for whatever they can get.
  • 57 people have birthdays tomorrow.
  • 124 students poked each other today.
  • 1.4% of Berkeley loves to watch Lord of the Rings.

Just think what advertisers will do with this data.

Building Websites with Blogging Software

Seed Magazine was rebuilt with Movable Type. Here’s how it was done.
(via Kottke)

Not that it hasn’t been done before, as Matt Haughey had an article on using Movable Type for all sorts of sites.

Of course, nice websites can be built with WordPress as well, like California Connected. They even allow trackback. I wish I could find the blog post that talks about why they chose it over Movable Type.

Future Problems with Facebook entries?

Future Problems with Facebook entries?
”I would bet that in the 2016 election, somebody’s Facebook entry will come back to bite them,” Steve Jones, head of the communications department at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Calendars are horrible at Berkeley

Why are the calendars so bad in Berkeley? The events calendar by the school is decent, and they even offer a calendar app for staff. Student groups though aren’t really allowed to post on it. The best calendar we had was live.berkeley.edu, but the project was taken down and still lacked a few features I would have liked (RSS feeds for one). The One calendar replaced it, but stinks so bad. There’s this dream calendar though that does have a prototype version up. Maybe just maybe it’ll work soon…