Me at The Voices Karaoke and Dance Club in Frankfurt

If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I love karaoke and I’ve been trying to hit up a karaoke bar in every city I visit (if I can find one). I was on the German leg of my “European karaoke tour” last Saturday and found the Voices Karaoke and Dance club in Frankfurt. The song selection is good (like most a lot of places these days, they actually have more songs in the machine than they print in the books; just look on the website for the complete list) and I like the fact that they purposely stop karaoke and go to full on dance club mode during some hours and later on at night. Apparently Voices also has a channel on Twitch for live streaming the singing and dancing. I’ve embedded the video below of me singing Bullet with Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins. Sadly the audio doesn’t come back to the video until I’m like half way through the song, but hope you enjoy those last few minutes.

Watch (GER) LIVE Karaoke & Dance Party im Mix ** Inklusive deutscher Moderation & versch. DJ’s #karaoke #musik #dj #unterhaltung from voicesclub on

Update: Looks like they cycle the videos pretty quickly. Guess the video is down. If they had the full recording, perhaps I would have recorded a copy. Oh well.