My Photo Sphere of Rachel Rubenstein’s Santa Monica Art Studio

I recently got a Google Cardboard kit (an inexpensive virtual reality kit that can be used with your smartphone) and have been looking to make some content for it. Inspired by the Orbulus App, which has a cool art studio view, I asked my friend, artist Rachel Rubenstein, if I could use her studio to make a similar view. I made a Photo Sphere of the studio which you can see below:
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Me with Mark Cuban

Me and Mark Cuban
Me and Mark Cuban

So I was out at Yankee Doodles on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica watching game 7 of the NBA finals. Apparently a bit of a crowd starting forming around at the table next to ours and one of my coworkers says she recognized someone at that table, but didn’t remember who he was. So I asked someone in the crowd who that person was and it turns out it was billionaire Mark Cuban, of Dallas Mavericks and Shark Tank fame. Amazed that he would go drinking in a crowded bar to watch basketball, I resisted the urge to get a photo with him right away, but instead I had felt I had to tell him my interview story with him from U.S. News and World Report from a couple years back. Eventually my other coworkers got pictures with him and I said what the heck, I got a picture with him. Again, I feel he’s probably the most accessible billionaire on the planet and this just proves it.

My Photos of Napa and Sergey featured

Even though I’m not a professional photographer, a couple of my photos were used in a couple of publications recently: