Monetization Models for Video on the Internet

I had a brief discussion with a friend about making money with Internet video.  We looked at a couple of business models for a nonprofit to make money online and realized there were a couple of ways anybody could make some money with Internet video.   Here are some suggestions for almost anybody to earn revenue from video on the web:

  1. Take advertising on your site and/or videos. This probably isn’t feasible as a nonprofit (Update: this is possible with a nonprofit), but online advertising revenues will give you a somewhat decent amount of money for the amateur and is the most common video revenue model.   In addition to ads on the producer’s website (generally provided by a third-party), most video hosting sites like Youtube or my personal favorite,, allow ads to be inserted before and after videos, and at designated times during the video. Continue reading “Monetization Models for Video on the Internet”

I'm going to DrupalCampLA 2008

Drupal Camp '08 Los Angeles So I didn’t make it Wordcamp this year, but instead, I’m going to a local conference for my second favorite content management system, Drupal. Drupal Camp LA is going to be big this year, with a new venue at the Los Angeles Convention Center. That is very impressive for a community open-source project. I’m currently using Drupal for an internal Urban League project and plan on using for a couple of other web sites.