Fight Nights

Superfriends Roster: Lucky Charms, The Joey, Panda, Richard, small apparance by the Titan, and Nash’s hand

After a hard day of saving the world, our heroes need to keep on training so they can stay sharp. At the end of the day, the Superfriends all meet in their not-so-secret headquarters, the 3rd floor lounge, in order to hone their fighting skills. Lucky Charms and The Joey spar with each other inside, exercising their superhuman abilities on each other. A demonstration can be seen in this video. It shows off the various training exercises they go through and even includes such rare footage as The Panda and Richard in battle.

The Political Panda

click here to see the pic 1. Heroic Name: The Political Panda (AKA The Cleaner)
2. Real Name: Steve Lin
3. Place of Origin: Las Vegas, NV
4. Major: Business
His name may be the Political Panda, but Steve Lin deals in more than just politics. Panda has a working knowledge of a wide range of fields from anime to writing collected in his Big Book, which serves as a guide to everything. Moreover, he is a tough-as-nails worker, who just keeps trying harder and harder. It is all these skills, particularly his economic expertise, that has allowed him to be the ruler of Catan, a remote island nation, known for its political instability and frequent insurrections. Many have settled on Catan in hopes of taking over its many resources, and yet Panda has defeated all would-be-conquerors and has continued to lead his people in prosperity. The same skills that make the island so great have also contributed greatly to the success of the Superfriends. His creative ideas and smarts have saved the day many a time and his never-quit, never-give-up attitude has pulled the team through the darkest of times. Never too busy to help the weak, he is on the job wherever he is needed.

The Joey

1. Heroic Name-Joey (AKA Melon)
2. Real Name-Alan Le
3. Place of Origin-Lawndale, CA
4. Major-Undeclared
If there were anyone on the Superfriends roster who could possibly take down the entire team in a fight, it would be The Joey. While he may not match the pure athleticism or the intellectual prowess of some of the other members, Alan is the best-trained fighter out of all of them, possessing black belts in several martial arts disciplines, and has an uncanny eye for unique solutions that often go unforeseen by his opponents. Not only that, but he also has the power to eject a vile smell from various parts of his body, forcing an opponent to run and hide at lightning quick speed. While capable of fighting anyone, his religious beliefs make him compassionate towards his enemies and make him incredibly hesitant to hurt anyone. He is also keen on developing friendships, making him the most popular member of the team. Yet, should the need arise, the Joey is ready to aid the Superfriends and grapple for justice.

Surprise, Surprise

Superfriend Roster: Nash

When I went to take my recycling out, inside the pile of paper and plastic, I found something I was not expecting, a girl’s sock. A sock. What the hell is a girls’s sock doing in my recycling?

There was a day when the laundry room was a total mess with socks and fabric softener everywhere on the floor. How unfortunate it was that I had to drop an article of clothing into that mess. I suppose when I went to get it, I must have picked up the sock along with it. How it got into my recycling remains a mystery, though.

The sock now sits in my trash can as I can find no one who wants a dirty girls sock that’s been who knows where.

What a journal is for

A journal is to keep track of the day’s activities. As such, I need to start doing so. I need to recount all my previous exploits, but today I better just reflect on what happened, well, today.

I did not get much sleep last night for I spent most of it talking to my neighbor Shosanna and her friend from UC Davis. They were recounting all these hilarious stories about their childhood. I could not pass this up. Unfortunately, I turned in at about five. I had to get up at 9 so I only got a total of 4 hrs of sleep. Ouch.

Fred though got way too much sleep. He accidentally set his alarm clock for 7:15 PM instead of AM and as such missed 2 classes. Ouch that’s got to hurt.

After two hours of class, I returned home to find that Melissa needed my help in chemistry. Being the nice guy that I am I helped her out for an hour, sacrificing lunch. Missing lunch wasn’t the worst part though, I unfortunately also showed up 5 minutes late to Math lecture, thereby forgoing any chance at a good seat. That made lecture more unbearable than usual.

I guess the day went okay. Wish I could be more productive, but that’s what I wish for everyday. Until tomorrow.

Lucky Charms or Flipper

1. Heroic Name-Lucky Charms (AKA Flipper)
2. Real Name-David Singer
3. Place of Origin- Redding, California
4. Major-Theoretical Astrophysics
Lucky Charms serves as an invaluable part of the Superfriends. Without question, he is the most physically fit member of the team, due to a combination of agility and physical strength. This makes him all too capable of performing back flips, kicks, spins, and take down moves on just about anyone and anything, which comes as quite a surprise considering his small stature. People are also quick to realize he is no slouch in the brains department either, as he is quite knowledgeable in the field of physics, which is his way of finding harmony with the stars and the rest of this universe. With this wide array of talents, it breeds a very confident persona, but at times a not very cautious persona that can get into sticky situations. Yet David has proven himself capable of clawing out of harm’s way all too often and hence the name Lucky. Consider it your good luck to have him around to watch over you.


I have a new way of introducing friends. These guys and gals here are super and I need a way to illustrate this superness to the outside world and as such, I thought I would describe them like they were superheroes. You heard me. I think I’ll start each day with a new hero and first on the list is Lucky Charms.

The Next Chapter

I guess I started to write this journal to begin dictating the events of my life. You can figure that the next chapter means a new start in the book that is my life. Unfortunately, I started this chronicle a bit late and as such I must catch you, the reader, up.

I moved in on a Sunday and had to buy and sort all sorts of stuff. I met my two new roommates that day, Eugene and Fred. Eugene is a bit quiet, but he occasionally gets a one-liner in here and there. Fred loves sports, he plays them, watches them, and talks about them. We got off to a slow start, but over time, we started getting used to each other and I think we are now friends.

In college, the two best places to meet people when you’re just starting is the bathroom and the elevator. The bathroom is good because everyone has to go there no matter how hard you try to avoid it. The elevator is also good for meeting people; the wait and the trip on the elevator usually last a long time and, as such, a person can’t help but make some form of conversation. Over time, I got to meet a lot of my floormates in those two locations, some of which became part of my regular group.

I’m going to introduce my friends one by one and then I’ll be chronicling our adventures shortly.

My sore wrist

Damn, AIM and a small keyboard are a bad combination. Talking with four people at once with this little laptop is hard. Oh well, catching up with friends is a lot of fun. What am I doing? FIrst I say my wrist hurts because of typing, and now I type more to write this. Ouch. I’ll give you another update soon.