The Political Panda

click here to see the pic 1. Heroic Name: The Political Panda (AKA The Cleaner)
2. Real Name: Steve Lin
3. Place of Origin: Las Vegas, NV
4. Major: Business
His name may be the Political Panda, but Steve Lin deals in more than just politics. Panda has a working knowledge of a wide range of fields from anime to writing collected in his Big Book, which serves as a guide to everything. Moreover, he is a tough-as-nails worker, who just keeps trying harder and harder. It is all these skills, particularly his economic expertise, that has allowed him to be the ruler of Catan, a remote island nation, known for its political instability and frequent insurrections. Many have settled on Catan in hopes of taking over its many resources, and yet Panda has defeated all would-be-conquerors and has continued to lead his people in prosperity. The same skills that make the island so great have also contributed greatly to the success of the Superfriends. His creative ideas and smarts have saved the day many a time and his never-quit, never-give-up attitude has pulled the team through the darkest of times. Never too busy to help the weak, he is on the job wherever he is needed.