Lucky Charms or Flipper

1. Heroic Name-Lucky Charms (AKA Flipper)
2. Real Name-David Singer
3. Place of Origin- Redding, California
4. Major-Theoretical Astrophysics
Lucky Charms serves as an invaluable part of the Superfriends. Without question, he is the most physically fit member of the team, due to a combination of agility and physical strength. This makes him all too capable of performing back flips, kicks, spins, and take down moves on just about anyone and anything, which comes as quite a surprise considering his small stature. People are also quick to realize he is no slouch in the brains department either, as he is quite knowledgeable in the field of physics, which is his way of finding harmony with the stars and the rest of this universe. With this wide array of talents, it breeds a very confident persona, but at times a not very cautious persona that can get into sticky situations. Yet David has proven himself capable of clawing out of harm’s way all too often and hence the name Lucky. Consider it your good luck to have him around to watch over you.