What a journal is for

A journal is to keep track of the day’s activities. As such, I need to start doing so. I need to recount all my previous exploits, but today I better just reflect on what happened, well, today.

I did not get much sleep last night for I spent most of it talking to my neighbor Shosanna and her friend from UC Davis. They were recounting all these hilarious stories about their childhood. I could not pass this up. Unfortunately, I turned in at about five. I had to get up at 9 so I only got a total of 4 hrs of sleep. Ouch.

Fred though got way too much sleep. He accidentally set his alarm clock for 7:15 PM instead of AM and as such missed 2 classes. Ouch that’s got to hurt.

After two hours of class, I returned home to find that Melissa needed my help in chemistry. Being the nice guy that I am I helped her out for an hour, sacrificing lunch. Missing lunch wasn’t the worst part though, I unfortunately also showed up 5 minutes late to Math lecture, thereby forgoing any chance at a good seat. That made lecture more unbearable than usual.

I guess the day went okay. Wish I could be more productive, but that’s what I wish for everyday. Until tomorrow.