I have a new way of introducing friends. These guys and gals here are super and I need a way to illustrate this superness to the outside world and as such, I thought I would describe them like they were superheroes. You heard me. I think I’ll start each day with a new hero and first on the list is Lucky Charms.

The Next Chapter

I guess I started to write this journal to begin dictating the events of my life. You can figure that the next chapter means a new start in the book that is my life. Unfortunately, I started this chronicle a bit late and as such I must catch you, the reader, up.

I moved in on a Sunday and had to buy and sort all sorts of stuff. I met my two new roommates that day, Eugene and Fred. Eugene is a bit quiet, but he occasionally gets a one-liner in here and there. Fred loves sports, he plays them, watches them, and talks about them. We got off to a slow start, but over time, we started getting used to each other and I think we are now friends.

In college, the two best places to meet people when you’re just starting is the bathroom and the elevator. The bathroom is good because everyone has to go there no matter how hard you try to avoid it. The elevator is also good for meeting people; the wait and the trip on the elevator usually last a long time and, as such, a person can’t help but make some form of conversation. Over time, I got to meet a lot of my floormates in those two locations, some of which became part of my regular group.

I’m going to introduce my friends one by one and then I’ll be chronicling our adventures shortly.

My sore wrist

Damn, AIM and a small keyboard are a bad combination. Talking with four people at once with this little laptop is hard. Oh well, catching up with friends is a lot of fun. What am I doing? FIrst I say my wrist hurts because of typing, and now I type more to write this. Ouch. I’ll give you another update soon.