Big Game 2006

Oh geez. This week just started badly. I was just incredibly out of it when it came to everything, so I was really looking forward to the weekend. Well, the week started turning around a little while earlier, as I had run into siobhan06 (who I hadn’t seen in a long time) in the line for free Chiptole which stretched around the block. She was gracious enough to allow me entrance into the line and I was able to secure the free food.

Little did I know how great a weekend this would be. First the big prize:

Alpha Delta Phi with the Stanford Axe
Alpha Delta Phi with the Stanford Axe

Thanks to current president for bringing the Stanford Axe to the Alpha Delta Phi Big Game Luncheon where I got to talk with a lot of the alumni about all sorts of things.

Holding the Stanford Axe
Holding the Stanford Axe
Me and the guys with Johnny Love
With Johnny Love, the maker of Johnny Love Vodka (left of me)
Me and Bill Romanowski
Bill Romanowski (of NFL fame) parked at the ADPhi parking lot during the Big Game 2006. I got a picture with him.
Some of my friends from the football games.
The Stevens family and myself.

A lot of people I knew came over. Lots of this of good things happened this weekend. Very good week.