Drivels of a late night

I think I need more LJ friends. Most of the ones I had early on seem to have moved on to other things, which is fine. Maybe I should try posting in the communities or something.

We all know it get progressively harder to meet new people as we grow older. I don’t feel as though I need more friends, but it seems like it would be nice to meet some more people. I think I’ve been trying that more recently. Part of the problem with meeting people sometimes, though, is that you don’t feel like meeting people when you’re all by yourself and they are with other people.

The Dems retook the House and the Senate. And Rumsfeld resigned. Hopefully, real change will have come from this election.

I personally had just hated the idea of voting for any incumbent this year or any body in a major party. So I voted for nothing but Green and Libertarian party candidates. I think I might start voting absentee, though, just because it would allow me to look up more about the candidates.

Damn Arizona took away Cal’s chance at a National Championship. We have to beat USC now to get back our Rose Bowl shot and make sure we don’t lose to Stanford (who actually won’t got 0-12 this year).

I like that one of the Linux LJ programs is called Drivel. It’s no Semagic, though.

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  1. Not the same old same old

    Yeah doing the same things again and again is not something we like to do. I’ve been trying to go to bars with people who know people, which is cool and kind of fun (they also are kind of looking for friends which is nice).

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