Adjustments needed

Once again I love how people (myself included) like to blog only when it’s a distraction from what they actually need to be doing. But here we are.

Anyways, I’ve recently be reconnecting with a few old friends, namely people who lived in the dorms with me like David and his wife Jessica, Joey, and Shoshana and (of course Jesse from the frat). We’ve kicked back a few times and remembered old times (second year, when we all met was one that came back to us over and over). I finally did visit David’s apartment complex, which was really nice (though like most things in the Bay Area, expensive).

Also of note, I got a raise at my College Writing job. They asked me to stay aboard for part time until they feel ready to hire and for me to train someone else (though if I had any say in the hiring, I would definitely hire someone more qualified than myself). That being said I could force them to get someone else if I moved on to another job (and another place) sooner, which I really should be doing.

Alright, back to whatever else I need to get done.

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  1. Aww that’s too bad…

    Well shame you’ve gone on for a while with the same job and haven’t gotten a raise. My bosses have been pretty generous with the salary boosts (though I honestly think they should see who they can get to fill my spot at a lower wage). That being said, I know my contract will be up again next year and there won’t be anymore job or raises after that.

    Yeah, I try to avoid LJ as a distraction (though I definetly am able to find others), but I just love reading the entries of people trying to avoid working on things.

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