Wine tasting in Napa

So last Friday, August 4th, I went to the Napa Valley for the first time. Napa, in case you didn’t know, is know for its incredible wine vineyards. I went to three different wineries: Mumm, Copia (though it’s not really winery; it’s described as a discovery center), and Ceja. It was a work related event with the ESL Program at Berkeley. I’m finally old enough to go (despite what my outer appearance would suggest), though I never particularly cared for wine too much (or anything grape-flavored that wasn’t actually a grape). I must say it felt like one of the more “grown-up” things I’ve done. Nevertheless I had a lot of fun on this trip.

Mumm is a neat place, because it is one of the few wine tours that actually shows you how they make wine (at least that’s what the tour guide said).

Mumm Winery
Outside of Mumm

Grapes on the Vine
Grapes on the Vine

Mumm Napa Valley
The Gift Shop

Me with the ESL Kids
Posing after leaving Mumm

I didn’t take too many pictures of the processed stuff as it mostly behind glass and I hate taking pictures of things behind glass.

Next stop was Copia, an education center for food, wine, and other things. They have a very nice garden and a view of the Napa River, but we didn’t spend too much time there.

Outside of Copia

Me in front of Copia Wine Center
By their symbol.

Napa River
The view of the River from Copia

The Copia Walkway
The walkway at Copia

Last but not least Ceja, a family owned business. Apparently the founders started out as migrant workers who eventually worked hard enough to own their own vineyard. They did a great job with the samples.

The entrance to Ceja

Samples all around
Samples for everyone

So yes that was an eventful day.

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