I thought my interest in Livejournal and blogging might be rekindled if I redesigned with another theme. So I decided to get one of those accounts with Ads and picked the popular component theme ( I think vociferouspanda uses it). Another thing that seems cool about Livejournal now is they also allow to post YouTube videos now and has better integration with Photobucket (which I never got into, but is extremely popular).

I also decided to change the theme on my OCF site, though I’m seriously believing that I need real web site host. If you’re wondering who makes this design, it’s called Hemingway by Kyle Neath. I can’t decide though whether or not to move to it now (so that it might help me get another job) or get it later (when I would have a better paying job). Decisions decisions.

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  1. What are you looking for in a server? I’m sure there’s a lot of webhosting that are very cheap… I’ve seen some for pretty decent price, even the ones that allow server-side editing, etc.

    1. Re: Server Stuff

      You can try this. Yeah, it takes you to a forum page but someone recommended once, although I don’t know the people’s general experience. Still, it’s free and allows MySQL and I *think* PHP.

    2. Re: Server Stuff

      Yes they have PHP and MySQL. There are some neat PHP apps that don’t need MySQL, so those are nice to expriement with at first. They have Perl support too if you’re into that (I haven’t really taken the time to learn it myself).

      Meanwhile, that link you gave me listed MySQL database, but I saw nothing about PHP (they have it as their forum runs on it, but it don’t know if it’s enabled for everyday users). I could have missed, as I kind of glanced at it quickly.

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