Redesign, Part 2

So apparently OCF went through a bit a server upgrade, so my OCF site is a lot faster. Good news there.

Meanwhile, I not only redesigned a blog, I decided to try out a new operating system. Specifically, I installed Ubuntu Linux on my laptop. I didn’t permanently move away from Windows, though, as it is still in my system. For a free operating system, it works very well. The icons have greatly improved, so it looks a lot better than other versions I’ve tried. It also detected my wireless card right away, unlike other versions. It didn’t, however, let me connect to wireless points that had passwords at first, but somehow it started working (I still don’t know how). As everyone states in the blogs, MP3s and DVDs don’t play out of the box, so you have to install support for it. However, a program called EasyUbuntu adds that and a few other things, though I still haven’t figured out how to play DVDs. Also the alternative function keys on my laptop keyboard don’t work, and neither does the memory stick reader. Also, it’s still pretty hard to install programs, though it does have a net Add/Remove Programs feature that lists many of the apps that can be installed on the machine. It’s not a comprehensive list, but it’s pretty hand and sure bets searching and the rest of the web for a program (though I have yet to find a livejournal client I like as much as Semagic). What is best about Ubuntu though is that you can try it with a CD (that they will even ship to you for free with no shipping) and without affecting the current computer you are working on.