Internship in DC

So I got my internship at the web division of US News. I’ll be working in Washington, DC all summer in the Georgetown area.

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  1. CONGRATS!! 😀 hope you have fun there.

    i’ll be in dc (no idea where) in the beginning of august or the weekend of 12-14 .. will you still be there?

    1. Yeah I’ll still be there..

      I will be there and seeing as how I really don’t know anyone here, it’ll be nice to see a familiar face there.

  2. congratulations!!!

    congratulations, you!!! i knew you were going to get it!!! i’m so happy for you. that is seriously the summer job of all summer jobs. that is so incredibly exciting. i can’t wait to hear more and more about it and your experience there. i’m so so so happy for you.

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