East Coast Trip

So as I blogged about a little while ago, I was going to the east coast for a short family vacation. I flew out from Oakland to meet with my brother and mom in Dulles, VA (another Washington, DC airport) and went to stay with relatives. We got like no sleep, but had to board a 6 AM bus to New York to see my sister and her high school Economics Challenge team compete. They lost, partly due to the fact that one of their team members was an hour late and got disqualified (how and why I still have no idea, but apparently it was a frequent pattern). Well, it wasn’t a total defeat, as they got the all expenses paid trip to the city and $1,000 dollar savings bonds (quite the consolation prize). After she left, the rest of us went around the City and saw some sites like Chinatown (which my brother thought was a lot like the real thing with the people disobeying traffic lights, crowds of people, in audible taxi drivers, and garbage on the street), Rockfeller Center, and the former site of the World Trade Center. Yes, New York is filled with all sorts of sights, sounds, and smells (try stepping into that subway station that reeked of urine after smelling the horses near Central Park).

New York Skyline
The Manhattan Skyline from the Staten Island Ferry

More photos from NYC at http://flickr.com/photos/fine_al/tags/nyc/.

On Wednesday, we had returned to Washington, DC and went sight seeing around there.

By the Reflecting pool

More pictures from DC at http://flickr.com/photos/fine_al/tags/dc/.

I’ll get more photos (my brother took more of them) up later.

So, I found out Shoshana has an internship in DC. Sweet, so I will know somebody who will be here.

Still, I guess I should try to meet new people around the area soon, after I get settled with my job and all. I’m staying with my uncle who lives in Wheaton, MD, which about an hour away. I’ll need to find an apartment soon, though I only make $12.00 hour, so I don’t know if I can really afford anything.

On the plus side, apparently every Wednesday is a party in the library. Kind of cool. I’m still too shy at meeting people here, so I’ll need to get over that soon.

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    1. Re: Internship at US News

      So far they’re having me putting up the new auto reviews and revising some of the photo galleries (minor change). We’ll see what else I get later.

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