Web Wonders

Being the Internet junkie that I am, I surf quite a few different web pages. Here’s a list of some my favorite web pages. Bear in mind, though, it’s still a work in progress.

Blogs I read
Boing Boing: Quite possibly, the best collection of items on the web.
CoolGov: Finding out what your government can do for you.
Fark.com: All the News you could want.
Seth’s Blog: Weblog for business author Seth Godin
WorldChanging: How to make the world cleaner, greener, and better with real solutions

Comic Book Fan Sites
TheFourthRail: Awesome reviews of comics
TitansTower: Teen Titans Together (best info site for any comic heroes ever)

Google Stuff
Google Search in Elmer Fudd: Maybe you can use it to search for that wascally wabbit?
Holiday Logos: See past changes they’ve made to their logo for various occasions
Search Features: Everything Google Search can do (you’d be surprised)

Information Sources
About.com: Countless Guides to a variety of topics
Wikipedia: The free Internet Encyclopedia, which can be edited by anyone
Snopes: The truth about a variety of urban legends

Media Repositories
Archive.org: Home of the Internet Way Backmachine (which stores nearly every webpage on the Internet), public domain films, books, and audio.
Ibiblio: A vast library of a variety of different resources (mostly text).

News Magazines
ChangeThis: Informed manifestos on to make good changes in society
Slate: Very good news analysis, opinions, and more.

Science/Technology Sites
Wired: Home to Wired News and Wired Magazine

Ben’s Bargains: Good deals. Be sure to check out the Freebies for all sorts of free stuff, like magazine subscriptions.
Craig’s List: Free Classified Ads
Woot.com: One bargain a day.

Sites I work for
Calstuff: UC Berkeley news blog.
One.berkeley.edu: Student portal at Berkeley

Social Networking Profiles
My Friendster Profile (General Networking)
TheFacebook profile (College Students)
My Flickr Profile (Photo Hosting)

Miscellanous Webapps
Bloglines-Web based RSS reader, useful for keeping up with weblogs, newsites, and such. This guide explains it better. Be sure to get the bookmarklet for your browser.