Constructive Video Projects of Bored Freshman Kids

Thanks for showing me this Justin. It’s probably one of the best college amateur shorts I’ve ever seen:

Basic plot summary: It’s a music video about a guy falling for a girl who has a boyfriend. Girl then fights boyfriend and falls for other guy. Very well done. Oh yeah and there’s a white guy singing in Chinese (well lip syncing, but still cool).

It’s not quite the same as the stuff Joey, David, and I used to make, so it’s not really fair to compare them (our videos were about action and some comedy, not romance). Still I kind of wonder what would have happened if I had decided to spam everyone I knew and told them to send it to all their friends.

Fight Club: Round 1– (I added credits and a small disclaimer since the last time you saw it, but the fighting remains unchanged)

Fight Club: Round 2– The never before released sequel.

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