I somehow feel as though I haven’t been on top of my game for quite some time. I mean I haven’t been on top of my school work as much as I would like and I haven’t been exactly participating in my extracurriculars like the frat and news blogging. Maybe I’m just tired or lazy or a little of both.

Take today for instance. As I walking home from class, I actually saw Chancellor Birgenau on the street in front of Krober fountain. The problem was I didn’t actually recognize him until a second after he passed me by. That’s silly of me to do. Granted even if I had recognized him sooner, I probably would have still walked by, not wanting to disturb a busy man like him. But it seemed like a good chance for me to do a cool interview or get a photo with him. Stupid me.

I don’t know when I started feeling this way. It could be just not getting any caffeine from Coke in my system for the last week or so (which is odd, seeing as how I avoid coffee to not become dependent on the drug). Hopefully, I’ll snap out of this funk soon.

My college experience has been totally different than what I thought it would be when I graduated high school. One thing that’s been totally unexpected has been gaining some what of a presence with the student body. A few weeks ago I had met someone from the Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board who said they knew of me from Calstuff. I’m definitely not a popular person on campus, but I certainly know a lot more people than I thought I would (though it is somewhat skewed by the fact that I go to a school with a very large student body).

On a semi-related note, my bioethics professor actually knew who I was without me telling him. Apparently he had memorized my picture from the photo in the Berkeley records. That’s so cool when the prof. wants to learn your name in advance.

I just saw I Heart Huckabees and I must say it was an interesting movie. The film was very funny at a lot of points. It also had a lot of interesting thoughts on life and purpose, though they were sometimes very confusing. The movie does falter quite a bit at certain junctions, but it’s totally not typical fare and very much worth seeing.

Speaking of films, Justin Wong and I have been thinking about making a short film. I was planning on doing something like that last year, but it didn’t work out. This time it might, but I don’t know if I want to or can make the same type of film (would have been an action film). I’ll take suggestions for stories or genres.

Alright that seems like enough for now. I’m taking off for bed. Night everyone.
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  1. Maybe I’m just tired or lazy or a little of both.

    E, it’s okay, everyone has their down moments.

    Speaking of films, Justin Wong and I have been thinking about making a short film.

    Ooh! That sounds exciting! Are you guys going to write the films too? Can I join?

    Btw, sorry I didn’t call you back this weekend but I was horribly sick >_<

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