The Days of December

Wednesday, December 1

In MCB 100, the professor said to a couple of guys, ” Could you please stop laughing? You are hurting my feelings.” Wow, that’s never happened before. I wonder what they were laughing at, but I’m sure they meant no disrespect.
Thursday, December 2

Once again, I am re-elected philanthropy chair of Alpha Delta Phi and once again I lose Vice President. Frat Bro and future Vice President Shea says I would make an awesome pledge trainer. I’ve never even considered running for it. Now that he mentioned it though…
Friday, December 3

Five of the guys go to Tahoe. Most of the other bros can’t go since we have so much other work to do. Sean says the cabin is awesome. Err…
Saturday, December 4

Hoam gives me boba on her birthday. Sweet girl and way too generous. She gave the frat a pie and cake, before she became a little sister and gave us all candy for Halloween. Way too nice.

Saw Cal win against Southern Miss.

Visited Justin Wong and little sister Jill. Told them we had a female border. Jill was like “what?!!!! how can she possibly leave at a frat house?” We’re wondering the same thing.
Sunday, December 5

Saw Cal lose a shot at the Rose Bowl. Damn BCS. Screw over another Pac-10 team. Oregon a few years back, USC last year, and now this. Congrats to Utah (first non-BCS conference team to make a BCS bowl), but jeers to all the crappy teams who got BCS spots, because they won their weak conferences (Michigan, Virginia Tech, and especially Pittsburgh).

On future days (or my shameless plugs)…

Friday, December 10th- Shakespeare Kegger: 8 PM early admission; 9 PM start time
The play I believe will be Merchant of Venice.

Saturday, December 11th- For me, it’ll either be a take home final if everyone approves, paintball, or studying. Later that night though, Improv comedy night. Again 8 PM early admission; 9 PM start time.
Come see the guys at Alpha Delta Phi make fools of themselves.

Then come the finals and going home.

Hopefully I’ll be enjoying the last month of the year.

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