Ken Jenning’s streak is over

Ken Jennings lost on Jeopardy today. He leaves having won 74 games and $2.5 million dollars. Here’s the AP take on it.

Meanwhile, the talk page on the Wikipedia article on Ken Jennings had some funny quotes. Enjoy.

Answer: “A 1997 court case made this term for African American English widely known”
Ken: “What be Ebonics?” (From Brian)

Alex mentioned that “Lawyers” (like Ken’s Dad) “make great Jeopardy contestants – they get a broad education and are trained to think quickly on their feet.”
Ken replied, “and they’re good at separating people from their money.”

Alex asked, “What are you going to do after Jeopardy?”
Ken answered: “I can now be on TV shows with other ‘C’ list celebrities.” and looked at Alex.

Written as an answer to a Final Jeopardy Question by a Ken opponent “What is same as Ken’s answer?”

Alex “Which two opponents from history would you think would make a good game?”
Ken “Thomas Jefferson and Oscar Wilde”
Alex “… Why …?”
Ken “They always say that Thomas Jefferson was the smartest President. ‘How well would you do on Jeopardy, Declaration Boy?'”

I also remember him answering some question about a historical Spanish figure with “Quien es …” They accepted that answer as well.