Improv in Venice

I plugged Improv and Shakespare night in my last post. So many people were invited, some showed up and some didn’t (maybe I should have called them, but oh well). Of course, there were people who showed up who I didn’t expect, too and that was cool.

Shakespeare Night was cool. We did Merchant of Venice. The guys were right about one thing though, drama plays do tend to work better than comedies. I was a little disappointed I didn’t get to act much, but all in all it was funny watching it.

Improv night was especially fun last night. Our favorite game is still “World’s Worst.” It’s just funny how well making fun of Patrick works.
Example: Worst things to say on a first date.
Response: Hi my name is Patrick.

Some other good ones:
Worst Songs to Sing at a funeral
“Move Bitch Get Out the Way”
“Zippide Do Dah”
“Ding Dong the Witch is dead”

Worst Best Man Toasts
“let me tell you, that shipping that woman over from Russia was the best grand he ever spent”

Poor Nick, he was so tired. I had to take over and host for the rest of the night. We did do an awesome “In The Year 3000” bit. It’s basically Conan’s in the year 2000 bit taken a little further.

Best ones
“The final extended edition of Lord of the Rings comes out. Total Running Length: 5 Years”
“Instead of computer algorithms, the BCS will turn to a surprisingly more accurate system: monkeys flinging poo on a map of the United States.”
“The Flying Car will finally be available. However, people will not only be complaining about bad Asian driver, they’ll also be complaining about bad Asian pilots”

Yeah that was fun.

Wow I have not wrote a cohesive post in like a month. I must be really tired. Back to the books.

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  1. Al, how do you know ? He’s one my roommates.

    Regardless of that, I want to ask you something important that is related with him being on your friends list.

    1. You introduced me…

      You introduced me at last year’s Shakespeare Kegger. He’s been the frat house lately and even talked about pledging. I heard you aren’t getting along too well, but at the same time, I don’t think the both of you can’t put aside your differences.

      If there are more pressing concerns, call me, send me a Facebook message, or IM me.

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