Short Bursts

Some guy I don’t even know labeled this photo as a favorite on Flickr. The power of technology, allowing complete strangers to look at our funniest moments.

Just in time for the holidays: My Wishlist. No I don’t expect you to buy me anything on this list (or anything at all for that matter). I just like to share these things. Send me yours; I’d like to see it.

Coming in theaters Summer 2005: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -Starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton. One word can describe this: sweet.

Funny Quote-Me: So I had this weird dream I was making a movie, and you were making out with Natalie Portman while I was trying to film.
Joey: See this is why I’m always telling you to follow your dreams.

Bonus Funny Quote-Me: Hmm, so that women was half Danish, half Chinese. Funny, I just met someone like that.
Louis: Dude, Kristen Kreuk does not count.