Short Bursts

Some guy I don’t even know labeled this photo as a favorite on Flickr. The power of technology, allowing complete strangers to look at our funniest moments.

Just in time for the holidays: My Wishlist. No I don’t expect you to buy me anything on this list (or anything at all for that matter). I just like to share these things. Send me yours; I’d like to see it.

Coming in theaters Summer 2005: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory -Starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton. One word can describe this: sweet.

Funny Quote-Me: So I had this weird dream I was making a movie, and you were making out with Natalie Portman while I was trying to film.
Joey: See this is why I’m always telling you to follow your dreams.

Bonus Funny Quote-Me: Hmm, so that women was half Danish, half Chinese. Funny, I just met someone like that.
Louis: Dude, Kristen Kreuk does not count.

2 Replies to “Short Bursts”

  1. Hey Allen,

    Hope you had a great holiday with your family/friends. My wish list is under my name (Alyn L*****), if you don’t know my last name, just look for the Alyn with the location in Berkeley. I just thought I’d comment and say hi and that my surgery went well. I’m recovering right now and otherwise doing well. Feel free to call me or drop me a line if you want to chat sometime soon.


    1. Glad to hear from you

      Good to know that the surgery went well. Oh paintball got moved to next week (so December 11th). That should give you plenty of time to recover.

      Oh I added you to my Amazon friends list (yeah I’m an internet freak).

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