The Dean Machine

I got out of class today thinking I would have to add to my list of Celebrities I have missed while in Berkeley entry. I had already missed Bill Gates at Zellerbach last week, and then I found out Howard Dean would on campus. The problem was he was coming when I had a class and I didn’t think I could miss the class, so I would miss him. As I left to go home, I saw Jackie Goldberg (who demonstrates my entire lack of knowledge of state legislature, because she presented my home town district and I had no idea) wrapping up a speech. I, then, realized though that she was introducing someone. Yes, Dean came out and started his speech, which was totally awesome ( I wish there was transcript on the net). Then I saw Eddie and Joe with Vicky, who were also there, listening to Dean. They then told me about the reception Cal Dems were having for him afterwards. Not wanting to miss a chance to meet Dean, we all went over to MLK student union and helped set up the reception. We waited until all of a sudden, he appeared. It was awesome. We all shook his hand and got him to sign various things and got pictures with him (I should have that up soon). That was awesome. Plus on the way out, we ran into Jackie Goldberg, though without the same enthusiasm. Wow this has been a good week for me, politically speaking.

Funny Quote-“Hey I met Dennis Kucinich”- Billy Mack after telling him I met Howard Dean.

Bonus Quote (not related to anything above, but really funny)-‘In my earlier years, I was a mathematician. It was simple – there was only pencil, paper, and wastebasket. But when I got older I discovered a simpler way. I became a philosopher and did away with the waste basket.’ – a friend of Prof. Papadimitriou (stolen from David Marquardt’s profile)

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  1. It was pretty lame they put a whole post on Calstuff to “correct it.” Especially because I didn’t pick up on the “sarcasm” the first time, and I founded Calstuff.


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