News at One

I just got picked to be a news admin for, the new Berkeley students portal. It has news on the front page, as well as sections for events, classified ads, blogs, and more. As more my part, I’ll be putting up news about Berkeley and anything relevant from across the country. So far though, I’ve only posted about Bic Pen’s as a lock pick and Best of the Berkeley blogs. I’m still trying to find my voice and style for this, so if you have any problems with my writing let me know. Also, I realize the news on the site is pretty limited. I’ll see what I can do to boost coverage, so if there are more things you’d like to see (more sports perhaps?, campus news?), also give me a comment. Finally, if you have news that you’d like to see, point me to it (the submit news script isn’t working right now, we’re seeing how we can get it back up). Thanks a lot.

Web WonderJibJab-The animators of the political parody “This Land” have released a sequel entitled “DC Land.” It’s hilarious.