De Vices (or I can’t come up with a good name for this entry)

So I went down to the Institute of Governmental Studies library with Mihai to watch the Vice presidential debate. To my surprise, the room was packed with students, faculty, and even the random homeless person (when aren’t they dropping by an event in this town?) for this event. Even the media came by as KRON 4 TV and KCBS 740 AM were there. Yours truly was one of the lucky few who they asked questions to. I, as Mihai can tell you, was able to talk to the media though by pretending to be an undecided voter (which I’m not). Well actually he asked if there were any Republicans in the room and I said I was marginally conservative (which I am) and then kind of had an undecided voter label thrusted on me. Well, it didn’t really matter; my media exposure only amounted to less than a second on KRON (fyi, if you catch this post in the next 20 mins, you can see that second). I’m not sure about the radio, as I have no idea when I would have been on. As Vik said to me when we watched it, “you didn’t even get 15 seconds of fame.” I will someday (not that I really want it).

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