Moving On Up and Down

Well, it’s that time of year again.  Yeah school time.  I’ve actually been in Berkeley since last Saturday.  It was interesting as I left LA, my dad did something I didn’t really expect him to do: he hugged me.  I know he’s supposed to do that, but that’s just not the way we’re used to doing things.  It sort of brought a tear to my eye…

Sorry about that.  Anyways, where was I.  Oh yeah, so it was back to Berkeley I went.  I moved into my new room at the frat house (actually, just the room next door) with my good friend Joey.  It should be fun putting up with him and his flatulence problem the entire year…haha, just kidding, it should be a fun semester with him around.  I’ve been catching up with dorm pals and such all over the week and helping the recruiting efforts of the frat, which have been going surprisingly well.  Fun stuff really before classes start.

Even with things going so well, I can’t help but be a little sad though.  Everything just seems to be passing by so quickly.  The summer, my family, everything really.  So much time just keeps flying away, never to return.  I’ll have to now let some more time slip away into dreams.  So sad.