Shoving the Girlie Men (j/k)

I’ll explain the title in a little bit.  For now, you can enjoy my brief update on the summer.

-I never really noticed how much of a showbiz town Los Angeles was until recently.  Then I realized I live in a town where a substitute teacher is trying to land an acting gigs/modeling contract/recording deal, where you can see models doing photo shoots in a city tunnel, and where you’ll see tv shows and filming in the most mundane locations.  Plus, you can find pages of rejected screenplays in the trash.  I happened to pick up a page from one off the side walk the other day (yeah I here I am talking about garbage again) and let me tell you, whatever it was supposed to be, it was crappy.
-So my dad and my sister both got mistaken for Mexican people the other day.  Geez, it’s not enough that they look alike other Asians (like the stereotype says), they have to look alike another race too (okay lame joke).
-Okay, now I can explain the subject.  I got a set of political buttons off Craigslist.  They’re pretty small and kind of hard to pin on anything, but it’s free.

Democrats are Girlie Men
Republicans can Shove it

I think it’d be kind of funny if you put both of them next to a “Vote for Ralph Nader” button (even though I don’t support his running for president, but that’s another entry)
-Now for my final thought, if John Kerry loses the election (hypothetical), then the front runners from the 2008 election right now are Barrak Obama (a half-black, half-white man) and Hillary Clinton.  Talk about a choice.  A black president or a women president?

Until next time.