While at Work #2

More of my work related exploits

-So one day, I was getting off my lunch break and just so happen to walk by this odd piece of trash.  It looked like a glue stick bottle, but it was actually a bottle of sunscreen.  I was going to pick it up and throw it away, but something just told me to leave it on the floor.  A few minutes later somebody drives up looking around for, you guessed it, a bottle of sunscreen.  “You’re really observant,” the person said.  I was thinking, “no, I just have a knack for seeing the irregular.”  Like how irregular it is to write about finding a piece of trash :-).
-It seems as though my co-workers don’t know the wonders of the Internet.  I had a co-worker tell me if he was wonder if a business was still open.  A search on Google Local may have told you if it was.  Heck, there’s even the school-way of dialing 411, or the super-old-school way of looking them up in the phone book. 
-Another asked me one time to get the address of singer he liked so he can send some fan mail.  He goes to me “you think you can find it?”  The singer has a web page with a contact me page, so most likely the answer is a resounding YES.

Other topics:
-NOOOO.  That’s what I said after hearing Paul LoDuca, the longtime leader and most popular player on the team besides Eric Gagne, and Guillermo Mota, one of the best set-up men in the league, of the Dodgers got traded.  First Shaq, now this. NOOOO.
-So I went out with my now retired AP Chem teacher Mr. Austin the other day.  My friends and I took him out for dinner and bowling.  We got to talking about all sorts of things like college and the future.  He asked a difficult question, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?”  Man that was rough.  Oh well, fun times.

Well, I know I’ve slacked on the updates and I have a good deal more to say about all sorts of things.  Unfortunately, you’ll just have to wait until next time.

Extra, Extra, Read all aboutAre people not reading enough Homer and watching too much Homer Simpson?– A professor in England says people are watching the Simpsons, and that might lead us back to the dark ages.  (You’ll see what I mean).

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  1. Oh hey good to know you’re kicking and doing well 😀

    Dude, I forgot about Austin. I heard from Do about retirement. I’m assuming that he’s doing just fine lol. Good to know that though. I’ll need to contact him sometime, my brother is wanting to talk to him. Funny that my brother and I had him for AP biology.

    Take care 😉

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