Little Bits and Pieces

I don’t anything that’s happened to me recently warrants a full entry (though, I doubt I would write about anything if I thought like that all the time, I probably wouldn’t write about anything), but I can still pull a few things out of my mind and on to the screen.  Let me try to put it all down for you.

So the cell phone can not only be a camera, but a lighter?: No, your phone can’t light up a cigarette, but people seem to be holding up their lightup displays at concerts, instead of lighters.  In this society, where smoking is becoming less and less common, less and less lighters are common, leaving audience members with the phone as the one thing they can light up.  I became aware of this trend when I attended Sing along Sound of Music (well more like got dragged by my mother, but it’s a good movie) and everyone started waving them around during the songs.  Quite a sight really.
Streakers: By now, you’ve probably heard there’s a guy on Jeopardy by the name of Ken Jennings who has been on the show for more than a month and won more than a $1 million dollars, and winning decisively, with more than double the money of the 2nd place winner before final jeopardy.  What isn’t usually mentioned though, is that Jeopardy didn’t used to allow players to play on past 5 days, so players never really had a chance to do what he’s done in the past.  Nonetheless, it’s still an impressive streak, and especially how dominating he’s been.  If you haven’t been watching, start watching, and help Slate create a drinking game out of this (must every TV show have a drinking game with it now?).
Speaking of dominating, LA Dodger Eric Gagne’s consecutive save streak ended last week at 84.  Watching him pitch, you would see him strike out virtually every batter he faced; hardly any of them looked like they had a chance of getting a hit off of him.  Congrats to both of these dominating players.
-Another dominating athlete in his sport would be Shaquille O’Neal, who had lead the Los Angeles Lakers to 3 consecutive NBA Titles.  Now he’s been traded to the Miami Heat.  They traded him just so they can keep Kobe Bryant, who resigned with the team today.  Not to sound pessimistic , but the last time a trade seemed this bad was when the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth.  I can just see it now, the dreaded Curse of the O’neal.
-This happened a while ago, but I remember talking to a friend about relationships and somehow religions came up.  I mentioned how it could be a problem being with someone who was a different religion from you and in response, “Yeah, it’s kind of funny how the little things can bug you like that.”  Hmm, different religions would mean that mostly likely these two people have a vastly different view of how the universe was created and quite possibly how they see the world.  Little thing?  Probably not.
-Finally, every time I come back from work, I pass by the Projects from low-income residents of Los Angeles.  So why is it that I see what appear to be expensive satellite dishes connected to every housing unit?  Geez.

Funny Quotesockonafish: Yes, I do have a thing for Asian chicks.
Scaba: And Asian chicks have a thing for you, too – it’s called a restraining order.
(Taken from this Slashdot post not relating to Asian people)

and a bonus quote: “You know [Kristen Kreuk (Lana Lang on Smallville)] has to be a sign that God wants all the races to be with someone of another race.  If that happened, we’d cover the planet with people as hot as her.”-a Smallville watcher

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  1. Love love love the bonus quote. Hilarious. Though I don’t know why everyone says she is so hot-she is too sweet-looking to be “hot.”

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