2 Years in the University of California Berkeley

My second year at this school came to close last week and so I decided to spend an entry on what I’ve learned about the town and the college.

Things I’ve learned about Berkeley so far:

-Engineers are both the most sane and insane people at this school.
-The first week(s) of every semester, you’ll see a lot of attractive people on this campus.  Then comes midterm season, and you wonder, where did they all go?
-Unless you’re in a sorority, your standards of beauty will dip considerably after coming here.  (That goes for more than just people.)
-You can make friends over the Internet.
-You can be so lazy that rather than turn around to talk to your roommate, you’ll actually AIM him/her.
-For some reason, you can have two people be best friends and not worship the same god. Yet if one guy votes Republican and the other votes Democrat, the gloves are off.
Edited:-Legislature in this town is so whack that they won’t allow you to use a stryofoam cup. They also “banned” nuclear weapons in space, with no power over that what so ever.  (It was in a Patriot article, can’t remember which).
Edited:-You’ll be able to pronounce 10 syllable Indian names easily.
-Your computer will become both the “cause of and solution to all your problems.” (Taken from Homer Simpson’s description of alcohol).
-The smartest guy in the city maybe the guy begging you for change.
Added:-Chances are someone else in this town listens to that same no name band you do.
Added:-Everyone will have a story that begins with either “I got so drunk…” or “He/she got so drunk…”
Added:-You can use more than 2 GB of bandwith a week downloading Family Guy episodes.

I’ll probably add a few more to this once if I think of anything.  I was inspired to write this after reading some more college humor.