We now break from studying for this entry

Not much to report, as my life as been deadly consumed by the beast that are final examinations.  I had two of them back to back on Friday.  Not a pleasant thing to do.  Oh well, at least I have a long lay off until Wednesday, my last final.

I still did manage to do somethings.  I did go out to Raleigh’s with Jacqueline and Shoshana, managed to see the last minutes of Game 5 between the Spurs and Lakers (man that was an amazing game, I mean Fisher with the game winner in .4 seconds; Go Lakers),  saw Troy on Friday night (terrible first half, but far better in the second half), and I did go to a wedding shower for David and Jessica today.  So I am having fun too.  Still, it’s time to still study for finals.  Back to the books.