The Magic Kingdom

Well after a week of getting 11 hours of sleep a day and reading old magazine issues I never got a chance to read (its surprising the amount what happens after 6 months), I finally went out and did something on Sunday.  My mom had this impromptu idea to go down to Disneyland for the day.  I hadn’t been in 10 years (plus or minus 2), so I decided why not.  So the family and I went down there (surprisingly quickly too, I mean it was the 5 freeway on Memorial Day weekend) and looked forward to the day.  I basically rode on everything from the Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and all other famous rides, but some how it wasn’t as good as it was when I was younger.  I guess this is one of those signs that I’m growing older, as the park just isn’t the same.  Not to say it wasn’t fun, though, and sure did beat doing nothing.  Anyways, there’s an article on hydrogen powered cars I must read.  I’ll put pictures up soon.

Funny QuoteMe (when talking about Tomorrowland): Who knew the future would be fulled with neon lights and overpriced souvenirs?
Henry: Yeah, someday we’ll be living in a world that’s just like Vegas.

Featured WebsiteYesterland, the Discontinued Disneyland-This site gives you information on discontinued rides and attractions at the Disneyland Park, just in case you ever wanted to know what happened to them.

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