Chemistry Research-Does My Big Mac Taste Like Metal?

So, I’m suppose to look up two “newsworthy” organic molecules.  I found one molecule that, while not newsworthy, was totally interesting.  In our Interesting Fact, ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA) is a molecule that turns metals into complexes to prevent them from further reacting with other substances (like metals that are used as co-factors for enzymes).  When ingested, it also helps iron absorption in human beings.  Apparently when treating food with it, it also prevents a “metallic taste” from developing in foods.  Those foods include various canned foods and McDonald’s Big Mac sauce.  So if your Big Mac does taste a bit like metal and makes you look a bit like this , it’s probably because they didn’t add enough of this.  You can take a more in depth look at it at

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