Is sleep for the weak?

Everyday, I see this girl with her silver Thermos.  She pulls off the lid, which serves as a cup, and pours herself a brown liquid.  There’s an unmistakable odor to it.  Yeah, it’s coffee.  She sits there in class and drinks the cup she poured.  I then think to myself, “wow, she must work really hard.”  I mean honestly, even if it’s an 8 AM class, there has to be a reason she needs the coffee to keep her awake.  She must be working tirelessly on her work, studying to who knows what hour.  She obviously needs some help to stay active, which is what the coffee hopefully provides.

I was reading this article on the new University Medalist.  The line that stood out to me was, “with careful time management that doesn’t over-allot hours for sleeping, Chow said, newcomers to UC Berkeley can do well academically and still have time for fun.”  In other words, it means long hours and working tirelessly towards your goals.

By reading what I just wrote, I may be sending a message that the end result of being that person with the Thermos of coffee who works into the night for oh so very long will make you the new University Medalist.  Maybe it will.  Maybe it won’t though.

I now think about the grad students who do all sorts of research at this university and also teach here.  They spend a lot of time in labs, sometimes even sleeping there.  Imagine the hours of sleep they must have lost in order to get to a great grad school like Berkeley.  I think about my Chem GSI, who’s actually an undergrad senior going to Michigan for med school next year.  Never got anything lower than an A- here and he plays intramural basketball.  Pretty cool, though he admits he regrets never having a girlfriend.

I mean honestly we can’t attribute one factor to be the one cause of everything.  Perhaps, it’s good time management.  Or making sure you did something you were truly interested in.  How about actually making time for fun?  Cutting back on things like relationships and other activities so that you can focus on your studies more?  Or perhaps, it’s just the simple drive to succeed.  I don’t know which one it is, but a lack of sleep probably isn’t it.  Now speaking of sleep… (Yeah I know I jumped around a bit in the conclusion, but whatever.)

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