Thursday Night (or Friday Morning) Updates

My journal updates are pretty sporadic, but lately they’ve been going on this patten of being written Thursday night, but not being posted until Friday past midnight.  It doesn’t take me that long to write an entry, but I think I put more time into the ones I write over most other people.  I’d be curious to compare myself with others.  On to it then…

So last Sunday was frat elections.  I was running for vice president and it was probably the closest election of the night.  In the end, I lost it by a few votes to our current vice president.  It was kind of sad really, but if say some of the other brothers I know would had been there to vote for me, I could have won.  I bet the election was tied and then the president voted for Billy to break it.  Oh well.

On Monday, we had to be around for some alcohol awareness meeting that the fraternities do.  It was actually kind of fun, as every brother tried to make light of the situation, and there was a lot of picture taking.  Now if the guys can make some boring meeting fun, that’s brotherhood. 

Lab Exams were a headache this week, as I had to take two of them in the span of two days.  It’s not one where you actually perform experiments, but then use what you learned from the labs to be apply it in real life.  Oh well, they’re done now.  The best part is now I’m done with labs in general in this school.  No more of those time consuming, energy draining, clothes smelling labs for a little while.  That should be interesting, though I’m not looking forward to the increased reading and problem set difficulty that will come with it.

Oh yeah, I was supposed to see Troy tonight, but my lab exam started late so I had to finish late.  However, I hear the people in Superb let in a lot of their friends and didn’t leave a lot of space for the people who waited in line for tickets like they were suppose to.  Not only that but a fire alarm went off and they had to create another line.  Well, it wasn’t a total loss.  I was able to watch the series finale of Friends.  I wonder what NBC is going to replace it with (probably The Office, an American version of the hit British comedy, or Joey, the spinoff of Friends that I don’t think will work without the other 5 characters).

So I didn’t really update you people on too much, but it gets to the point.  Now, point me to bed.

By the way, the song Goodbye to You would make a great middle school graduation song. The lyrics “The last three years were just pretend” and “Goodbye to everything that I knew” in particular are golden.

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