I don’t write too much on what I do in my classes or what they’re like, because well I don’t think that makes for very interesting journal entries.  However, the last few weeks, I’ve done like nothing, but work.  So sure why not write about it?

I guess I can start with my Environmental Science seminar.  Basically I had to prepare a presentation for use by the Chancellor’s Coalition of Sustainability on waste management on campus.  For my group, I focused on how paper was managed on campus and I found out quite a bit about this campus and paper in general.  For one thing, I found out that recycled paper is actually more expensive than virgin paper.  To think that I had been trained to think recycled anything was cheaper.  Also, it seems as though a multitude of people just want to stick it to everyone else.  Kind of sad, but when I interviewed people who purchased the paper on campus, I heard a bunch of complaints about bosses and bureaucracies, plus a bunch of odd “what the hell are you doing?” type looks.  Geez, I hate to think that working on the campus turns you into this.  Oh well. In spite of that, my presentation went pretty well, as everyone seemed to pity my experiences dealing with the administration on this campus.

So in Bio Lab, I’ve had numerous dissections in the last few weeks.  I’ve had to dissect an earthworm, a cockroach, a crayfish, and a rat so far this semester.  It’s kind of sad really.  My Chem GSI was telling me how when he worked for a research lab he had to kill animals for preparation of these labs.  Whether it was by putting them in a carbon dioxide chamber or drowning them in alcohol, it wasn’t fun.  If you want to see what I’ve done though, you can take a look at and keep changing the last three digits.  It goes up to 163.  If you want to be specific, 003 has the worm, 116 the roach, and 132 and 133 are the poor little rat.

Finally, I’ve had a hard time deciding what to take next year now that all my lower divs are done.  Mainly, I don’t want to get stuck with a sucky professor.  So, I used two websites and, but they’re both kind of limited.  I also found out that the ASUC is making a new course review site called (By the way, they aren’t Featured Websites, because I find all of them still too limited. Check them out though, as they’re all useful in some way.) It’s suppose to also have an event finder and classified ads, and a whole lot more.  Great idea,  but wasn’t CSBA working on some of these?  You remember and there next project was suppose to or something.  Coincidence?  Hardly.  Oh well, speaking of class work, I have to do some.  Laters.

Funny Quote-Lillian: “I lived in Unit 2, Cunnigham last year.  You?”
Me: “Unit 3, Ida Sproul”
Lillian: “Well nobody’s perfect.”

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