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Upon the request of vociferouspanda, I decided to write a little more about life itself.

-I finally saw Kill Bill, Vol. 2 last Saturday with some of my old dorm friends.  Definitely a must see, but the first one is so much better.  The characters just seemed a lot more interesting in Volume one, plus there was far too much dialog and far too linear.  The good points of the first one are still in the second one though like the awesome soundtrack and ridiculous action remain in place.  Yeah, you got to see it.
-I missed the Fraternity’s exchange with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority last Friday.  I don’t know, I don’t do well with sorority girls (or girls in general for that matter) and I certainly just didn’t think I would have fun.  Perhaps I was wrong, but it’s too late to do anything about it now.
-I was thinking of applying to join the community , but then I think to myself “do I really want my confidence destroyed by people on the internet?” I don’t know maybe I should do it, but still it’s scary.
-It’s funny how at parties how I just grab guys I meet at the parties to be my wingmen to approach women with.  It kind of works and kind of doesn’t really.
-I just revised my resume, and well, I’m not very proud of it.  I’ll post it online soon, but I’m not really sure I want to.
-If you think comics aren’t cool, read The Ultimates, Vol. 1: Super-human.  The art, the story, the concepts, the dialog are just awesome.  It’s about a small task force of superpowered individuals created by the US Government to take down the superpowered villains of today.  It may seem like an ordinary comic, but the heroes themselves are so flawed.  One is a schizophrenic hippie who claims to be a Thunder God, another is a scientist with Prozac addiction, and so much more.  You just have to check it out.
-Speaking of superheroes, I came up with a few of them in high school and wrote a few stories.  I think I’ll post up my ideas in another entry.  Look for it.
-Pool party this Saturday, May 1.  Should be fun.

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3 Replies to “More of that Allen stuff”

  1. Don’t worry about girls, just talk to them ^^ Wingmen?! Lol, one day, you need to tell me all about the strageties of guys, this sounds interesting.

    The asiancuties seem like a nice group ^^

    Are you looking for a job right now?

    Pool? As in swimming pool or playing pool? Haha, I want to see someone jump from the roof into the pool!

    1. Reply to Your Comment

      Talking to girls is not something I generally have a problem with. It’s going beyond that which I have trouble with.

      You never heard of wingmen? They don’t exist, there’s not strategy…j/k. Maybe I’ll tell you, maybe I won’t.

      Yeah I’m looking for the summer. I got a call back from one, but I apparently needed a car for the job, which I don’t have. That sucked.

      Swimming pool party May 1. Mihai said he’d come. May 8 the Air Force guys are coming over to play a game with the pool table. It’s called Crud and it’s a fun game. Speaking of pool games, I never thought you how to play CAL have I? That’s perhaps something we should do. People were doing that last semester (not me) and we got in a bit of hot water with the alumni for it.

    2. oh yeah and the

      I suppose, but then again I really don’t like the idea of being judged by hundreds of people over the internet.

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