I knew I forgot something

Stuff I should have mentioned earlier…

-So I had a call back from Science Adventures Camp for an interview for camp counselor.  However, it turns out I need a car for the job.  Blast.
-Livejournal got rid of syndication points.  Which means I can add all those Xanga accounts and such on to my friends page.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about, there are these accounts on livejournal which you can add to your friends page and read things like news, xanga sites, and comics on your lj friends page.  Problem was that everyone had a quota on the amount of feeds you could add to your page.  But the good news is they finally got rid of them.  You can check out the most popular ones at http://www.livejournal.com/syn/list.bml.  If you have a paid account you can make your own accounts for any page that has an XML feed.  Of particular interest to some of my friends:

knightangelfeed– Joey Le’s Xanga Site
calnhobbes-Calvin and Hobbes Comic Strip
choblog Margaret Cho’s Weblog

Hey koenma, remember those accounts you made last time?  I added them all to my friends list, so they’re in my info.  Nobody updates their Xanga though.
-Speaking of Xanga and Livejournal, a psychology student decided to do a study comparing both services. You can read about it hereInteresting Facts:

  • Live Journal users were more likely to identify themselves as whites while Xanga users were more likely to identify as Asians. 
  • Xanga users are about two years younger (Xanga at 18.2, LJ at 20.5). 
  • Xanga users posted less often but averaged almost twice as many comments per post (4.6) than LJ (2.6). 
  • 70% of female Xanga users had more than 50 friends in their blogroll while only 40% of males had more than 50.

Oh like we didn’t know this?
Facebook Faceoff-Joey Le-25 friends: Allen Lew-10.  Time to play a little catch up.  But I must say, if you look through the site, all the freshmen seem to know the most people.  I wonder why.  By the way, if you haven’t heard of it, TheFacebook is a social networking site like Friendster where you add friends, get their contact info, and such, except geared towards colleges, making it easier to find people.  It’s at a few colleges in the country, including the Ivy League, Stanford, UCLA, and some others.  Great website, but two things I’d like to see added: a homepage field and listing of other schools you went to (community colleges you transfered from and grad/professional schools).

I’d like to end here and then insert a Funny Quote or something, but I accident deleted the file that had all of them.  Darn it, and they were so good too.  Oh well.

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