A little bit of everything

That’s what I would call this entry.  Just a bunch of short little glimpses into what’s been happening the last few days or so.

News from home-March Madness maybe over, but another set of teams are trying to get to the “Final Four”.  One of them happens to be Lincoln High School.  They participated in the Economics Challenge and won the state championship in the David Ricardo level (that’s for people who’ve only taken one semester of econ).  So now it’s off to Phoenix to compete in the West Regional (which include one school from Arizona, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, Utah, and Washington).  Congrats to them and my sister, who was on that team.  Each team member won $150 dollars which is good money for high school kids (hell it’s good money for college kids).  Then if they win the West, they’ll go on to New York to face off against the East, Midwest, and Heartland regions for the National Championships.
They were apparently the only team to enter in the David Ricardo level at the local competition, so nobody knew what to expect from the team.  However, the state provided a different story, as the team had to grind it out for the win. It came down to just two questions.  They were tied with Ponderosa High, apparently one of the top 50 schools in the state academically. The team got the second to last question, but Pondersoa could get the last one to send it to sudden death.  When it came out though, my sister buzzed it in and with that the game.  Unbelievable.  They’re now looking forward to more intense action in Phoenix.  Good luck guys.
What is the name of the chancellor’s dog?-The answer is Wheeler.  How do I know this?  I ran into it at Memorial Glade the other day.  I had just happen to run into David “Flipper” Singer as well  that day, and as we were talking, his dog starts trying to play with Wheeler.  The people taking care of him were these women (and not the chancellor) who were making a video to roast him.  So, they liked us enough for us to be in their video.  Wow what are the odds?
Some ideas to throw around sooner-Earlier I was going to write a column on a set of things that I thought would cool to have.  For example, I thought Skype, a program that makes telephone calls over the Internet for free (only to other users though), for Pocket PCs would cool, because then it’d be like having a cell phone/pda combo for relatively low cost.  Turns out they came out with it a few weeks ago.  Now that I think about it more though, there aren’t too many places to use it, unless you pay the subscription fee for the wireless access.  There’s off course the library, but no way should people be using a phone in the library.  Then, I thought about trying to get CSBA to reprogram some parts of the Berkeley website like telebears and such.  Then, the ASUC took down their sites (http://live.berkeley.edu and http://finaldistance.berkeley.edu) after they got caught hacking.  So that’s out.  Geez, kill all my ideas would you.

Okay, it’s not everything, but it’s everything I have to say right now.

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  1. Lol, so you’re in video now with the chancellor’s dog? How funny =)

    Dude, I’m so piss off about the whole live.berkeley.edu and stuff. It’s so stupid it’s not even funny. But yes, write more!!! =D

    1. Writing a little more now

      Yes, I’m in a video with the chancellor’s dog. It comes out May 5 I think, but I doubt I’ll be able to see it (private party I think).

      Hacking another person’s website though is not cool by any means, even if it is the ASUC. There were other avenues to get your point across, and most people would have believed you due to the general animosity the students have for the student government. Not only that, Live and Final Distance were cool sites that gave CSBA so much notoriety and were so very useful. Now we’ll see if they can recover from this and hopefully give the students back these services which were so great.

      Alright, I’ll see if I can put a few more ideas out more my grey matter.

      1. Re: Writing a little more now


        That’s true, but still, I don’t think it was very nice of them of them to ‘steal’ the events and post it on their site without permission or credit. I’m sure it was a lot of work.


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