Party Hardy

So last Thursday, I volunteered for the YWCA’s Shadow Day, but apparently my kid didn’t show up to follow me around.  Boy did that suck.  Well then I feel on my back up plan which was to share Joey’s.  He was a kid named Antonio from Oakland Tech.  Joey showed him parts of the class rooms on campus, and I showed him the dorms, namely Unit 3-Ida Sproul with Lauren and Unit 1-Deutsch with Justin.  I think the kid had fun and perhaps we showed him how to handle himself in Berkeley (that is, stay away from floors with all athletes, oy).

I also met vociferouspanda over at her place.  We (herself, Mihai, and myself) sat and and had fried rice while sharing our first year experiences with each other.  Our group then went out to the Paradise Party over at the Berkeley Art Museum.  It must have been dragged down or something, because I heard it was a lot more wild my first year, whereas the event I went to was rather tame.  Despite the massage parlors, it felt more like an event for elementary schoolers as there was paper flower making and finger painting.  Anyways, we then hung out for a little bit at my place and that was about it.

Then came the Golf Party, which was a pretty good party.  Well, except for the part about the girl puking on my bed.  That’s really all I should say on that and for this weekend.  Until next time.

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  1. Haha, that was nice but yeah, I was a little disappoint with the PPary although the flowers were cool! =D Oh, and the Golf Party was awesome, sorry about me wondering around and what not ^^

    1. No need to be sorry

      It’s okay, a lot of people I knew wandered away from me. It’s a party; it’s going to happen. Pool Party and BBQ this Saturday, I think.

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