Two Announcements

Okay I have two things to say to you guys. 

1. I’m helping out the Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society on April 16.  It’s important that people donate and sponsor this event (and me)!  If you want to help, go to this page and then submit a donation.

2.  For my Berkeley friends, my frat is having a party this Friday, April 9th.  It is a golf-themed party, where guys and girls will be dressed up in the things you see them wear at a country club.  I hope you guys can come and bring your friends with you.  There is a guest list, so I’m going to need you tell me if you want to come and the amount of people you coming with.  The address is 2422 Prospect St, which is two blocks up Channing and Piedmont (Channing Circle).

Anyways that’s all I wanted to say right now.  Hey, if I can’t advertise in my own journal, where can I advertise?